Known Issues in 1.0.1

Based on the feedback I have received, I’d like to highlight the following issues in 1.0.1 that I will work on fixing.


  • If the app crashes while using Google Maps, that is Google’s fault, not mine! Don’t blame me for their map view tiles not loading properly!!!
  • The app should not crash while planning a journey. I’ve tested Bus Buddy on iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 models, and journey planning works fine on all three of them. However, it is significantly faster on the 3GS and 4 since, frankly, the 3G is nowhere near as advanced. If you still have problems, e-mail me with a crash log.


  • Some bus stops have the same name but are located in different parts of London. Bus Buddy currently assumes that, if two stops have the same name, they are the same stop. I will solve this problem soon.
  • Some issues with bus routes and the stops on them.

It doesn’t help anyone if you write a scathing review about a minor bug that can be easily fixed. It is also just finicky to try to bring down an app because of one small malfunctioning bit. Bus Buddy is definitely a work in progress. Please let me know about any issues you encounter by e-mailing me at