Update on Progress

Here’s a quick update on the bugs I talked about in my last post:


  • If the app crashes while using Google Maps, that is Google’s fault, not mine! Don’t blame me for their map view tiles not loading properly!!! — THIS SHOULD BE FIXED IN A NEW VERSION. I haven’t tested it on device, but have researched more on the issue. It was a pretty nuanced matter, and I’m glad to know that I was partly to blame. As a word of caution to iPhone developers, always set the delegate of an object to nil before releasing that object.
  • The app should not crash while planning a journey. I’ve tested Bus Buddy on iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 models, and journey planning works fine on all three of them. However, it is significantly faster on the 3GS and 4 since, frankly, the 3G is nowhere near as advanced. If you still have problems, e-mail me with a crash log — NO CRASHES for journeys, but some journeys used to show up weirdly with blank stops. This has been fixed.


  • Some bus stops have the same name but are located in different parts of London. Bus Buddy currently assumes that, if two stops have the same name, they are the same stop. I will solve this problem soon — DONE!! Took a while but now different stops in different locations (like “The Avenue”) are distinguished by their postcode (“The Avenue (KT8)”). There might be some odd exceptions since I made a program to sift through the stops, find inconsistencies based on arbitrary definitions of “sameness”, and use the Google geocoding service. Over 800 stops were changed. In return, Google thought I was abusing their geocoding service by sending so many URL requests, so they temporarily locked me out. But the integrity of the route and stop data has not been compromised.
  • Some issues with bus routes and the stops on them — ALMOST FIXED. The problem was different routes have different stops in opposite directions. I’ve taken this into account now, but it is very annoying when it comes to journey planning, since the same stop might be named differently in a different direction (like Swiss Cottage one way but Swiss Cottage/Finchley Road the other). Will work on fixing this while maintaining data integrity.
  • Route planning doesn’t allow for walking changes between stops. Might add this, in spite of some issues that might occur with time taken to plan a journey. Will need to streamline the process too and think about colors and layout. Shelved for the moment.
Please send me any more suggestions by e-mail. There might also be a cool new feature in the works thanks to a user suggestion (it will require some way to access the Internet, however)! So stay tuned and be patient for the next big release of Bus Buddy.

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