Responses to a Few Critical Reviews

I’ve recently been receiving some critical reviews which I’d like to address, mostly because they concern features / bug fixes that I’m planning on adding to the app soon.

Unfortunately – and many iPhone users don’t know this – developers cannot respond to reviews on the App Store. To counter this, I created a contact tab in the app and provided my e-mail address for help. However, a lot of users tend to leave reviews instead of contacting me, so here are my responses to a few critical reviews I received earlier (in reverse chronological order):

Useless – I already know the routes I need, I would rather have bus times.

Timetables are a new feature in version 2.0.

Not very easy tu use – It’s a bit confusing, not very helpful.

If you want to point out a feature change or UI suggestion, please e-mail me. The app’s UI is something I’m continuously changing.

Confusing – This app fails to take in to account that if you’re searching for a bus journey, you probably don’t know the exact stops needed to get where you need to go. Having lived in London for 15 years, if it’s baffling me, I suspect it would baffle most people.

I can’t do location-to-location planning, hence the “Near me” and “Near postcode” features. The reason why is that walking to a stop from home or walking between stops creates thousands and thousands more possible routes, each of which have to be processed by the app. TFL can do this because they have resources that an iPhone does not. Very few apps let you do journey planning offline. I will try to implement this but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Crap!!! – Gave wrong info! Wrong direction! Stay away.

This is a valid point, but hopefully will not stand in Bus Buddy v2.0. Countless hours have gone into fixing the data which TFL, unfortunately, provides in a very bad format.

Can’t rely on this app! – Tried putting in some routes that I routinely travel to check the accuracy. Normally I travel by 2 buses and it takes 45 min – 1hr. App had me change buses 6 times and the time said 4 hours! This same thing happened on several routes I tried.

This definitely could have happened in the old version. The new version takes into account many directions that buses can travel on the same route.

Didn’t work for me – Told me to go to the wrong stop then take 3 buses when 1 would have done.

Fixed (most likely) in the new version. Stops with the same name were considered the same. It took a lot of work but I’ve changed this by adding postcodes to differentiate stops with this issue.

Disappointed – Needed it quick to get across London but crashed a couple of times. Frustrated got taxi instead. Could be a good app with a bit of tweaking.

Fixed the crashing issue. It was a problem with MapViews in iOS.


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