V2.0 Waiting for Review

UPDATE AUGUST 31: Update 2.0 has been released!

Version 2.0 is waiting for review (i.e. Apple will soon have a look at it). There are still some changes I’d like to make in the future, but they may have to be put on hold until life becomes less busy.

As an important note: stop names have changed in a few cases in the app. When you’re planning a journey, take these into account when choosing the right stop. A good indicator is seeing which routes go through that stop or looking the stop up under the “Display” tab.

As an example, a journey from Swiss Cottage Stn / Avenue Road to some stop might show a different route from a journey starting at Swiss Cottage Station. These stops are right next to each other, but are recorded as having different routes running through them.

Users are asked to pay attention as TFL continues to change stop names and improve its database.


One thought on “V2.0 Waiting for Review

  1. I think the upgrade is great, you can now see exactly where u are in relation to the bus stops and the timetables are great to. I use this app all the time and highly recommend it, thanks

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