Version 2.1 Waiting for Review!

Update January 30, 2012 at 22:00: V2.1 is out! Download it now!

With version 2.1, London Bus Buddy is poised to become the most comprehensive bus app on the App Store. And that too for free.

New features include:

  • Countdown (or “Next Bus”)
    • Powered by TFL, you can now see when your next bus is coming by entering a stop. You can check stops from a list of all 19,000 stops or look from a list of stops near you.
  • Online Journey Planning
    • Also powered by TFL, the online journey planner gives more accurate results than the offline one.
    • It lets you plan journeys from/to places of interest, addresses, postcodes, or stops.
    • It also lets you walk between stops, something the old journey planner couldn’t do. A walking map is available for each leg of your trip that involves walking (see the little map button).
  • Alarm fixes
    • Please follow the instructions on how to get the background mode working with alarms! An alert will show up the first time you try to set an alarm. Navigate to settings and follow the instructions closely. There should be a support post up soon about this.
    • Optimized the alarm a bit so it doesn’t try to find excessively accurate coordinates when you’re far away from your destination. The location manager becomes more accurate as you get closer to your stop.

Of course, these features do come with a performance overhead. Namely, startup time has gone up, since I now have to store stop codes for each stop at startup in order to use Countdown. As most users know, their first startup time is usually twice as long as any subsequent one; the reason behind this is that the first startup involves storing files in the documents directory and then reading them out (subsequent startups only need to do the latter).

Here is a list of average startup times based on a few devices I’ve tested on using a stopwatch:

  • iPhone 4S:
    • First startup time ≈ 13 seconds
    • Subsequent startups ≈ 8 seconds
  • iPhone 3GS:
    • First startup time ≈ 30 seconds
    • Subsequent startups ≈ 17 seconds
  • iPhone 3G: I haven’t tested on the 3G, but its hardware is becoming obsolete by this point.

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that the app is loading 20,000 stops into memory when it starts up!

As a final note, please inform me if these features behave oddly. Countdown and TFL’s journey planner may go down at times. They may change their formats too, which will completely mess up how I parse their HTML (as I mentioned before, there is no XML API for Countdown yet).


2 thoughts on “Version 2.1 Waiting for Review!

    • Hi Paul,

      I got an e-mail about that and some of the UL routes earlier. My reasoning is that, with the online journey planner being put in place, you won’t ever accidentally encounter route PR2 while using the app. In other words, it won’t recommend PR2 as a travel route on your journey. I haven’t yet updated the routes and removed the UL routes since that’s not as important with the release of the online journey planner.

      I can edit the route lists, but it gets very messy because an update always involves a lot of data-cleaning (especially when it comes to differentiating stops with the same name). However, you should know that this is on my to-change list, but it currently has low priority.


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