Version 2.1.2 To be Reviewed!!

I thought I should change up my post titles to make things interesting. This update contains a few (relatively) minor fixes to v2.1.1, as well as other small changes. Note that many other changes were made in v2.1.1. If you’re just updating now, please see this previous post on v2.1.1 changes.

Major General Fix

  • App now starts up noticeably faster (both on first start-up and subsequent start-ups). Less data now has to be stored in memory on start-up.

Display Feature

  • Now displays multiple runs with differently-colored pins (e.g. Route 1 towards Canada Water Bus Station and Route 1 towards Tottenham Court Road are both shown while viewing Route 1 on a map).
  • You can hide and show different runs too.

Online Journey Planner

  • Fixed error with planning journeys to/from stops with “&” in their name (e.g. “Elephant & Castle”)

Offline Journey Planner

  • Cleaned up data in the offline journey planner so it actually works more often with new stop names.
  • Stop picking “by name” is now quicker on the offline journey planner

Minor General Fixes

  • Fixed bug where music in the background would stop playing when the app was used.
  • Changed default alarm sound to an alarm clock “beeping” sound that lasts 24 seconds. This applies to the “Next Bus” alarm and the “Wake me up when I reach my stop” alarm (though the latter alarm sound can be changed).

Thank you to everyone who left feedback and helped me find bugs. I very much appreciate having a helpful and constructive user base. If I missed your e-mail (i.e. I didn’t reply), please e-mail me at .

Version 2.1.1 Waiting for Review!

August 7 22:00 BST: Version 2.1.1 is out!

Don’t let the seemingly-unchanged, period-separated name of this update fool you. While version 2.1.1 seems fairly similar to version 2.1 features-wise, I have made some new, neat changes. The gallery below shows some of these changes, which I go into more detail about in the following sub-sections:

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Next Bus

  • You can now add alarms that will go off X minutes before a bus is scheduled to arrive. While viewing a stop, simply tap on a bus to set an alarm. After setting an alarm, you can tap on that same bus again to remove or change it. Alarm times update themselves according to traffic as long you have an Internet connection. Works in background.
  • Now powered by TFL’s Countdown API. This should make this feature faster and more reliable.
  • The bus information for a stop is now automatically refreshed every 30 seconds.


  • You can now add favorite routes and stops by just pressing the blue arrow button next to a route or stop. Favorite routes and stops appear at the top of route/stop lists for easy access.
  • You can unfavorite a route or stop by tapping on the yellow star that shows up next to it.
  • Note that you cannot favorite postcodes or addresses for the Online Journey Planner.

Online Journey Planner

  • Fixed an error with clarifying stops. Now, if one of your arguments is “invalid,” you’ll be able to clarify what you meant by picking from a list of locations.
  • Changed UI for picking a stop. You can now pick a stop from a list, enter an address/postcode/POI, choose a favorite stop, choose a recent point (a point can be an address, stop, whatever), or use your location.


  • As requested, static timetables have been re-added as a tab. Require Internet connection. See the second set of tabs by clicking the right arrow along the bottom of the app.

General (Significant)

  • Lowered battery consumption by having the app completely stop monitoring the user’s location when it’s in the background (except in the case of the Alarm feature, which needs your location in the background).
  • For each stop, you can now see where buses are heading “towards.” This removes confusion among stops of the same name.
  • Stops and routes have been updated.

General (Less Significant)

  • Various UI changes for niceness.
  • Route lists have been reordered. Now, they are sorted numerically and then alphabetically.
  • Various under-the-hood changes to make stop data more consistent throughout the app.
  • Got rid of “Find Stop by Route” option since it caused inconsistencies with different data sets.
  • Connecting lines are now shown between stops in the “Display” feature (note: these take a while to load and require an Internet connection to be seen).

As always, you can contact me at if you have any questions or suggestions.