Version 2.2 Coming Out Soon!

A new version of LBB is now making its way through the iOS app review process! This update contains some new features, a few fixes to malfunctioning components, and an improved user interface (UI) that conforms with iOS 7 standards. I’ve shared a few screenshots of the updated UI below. Read on after the slideshow for more specifics!

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Major (Non-UI) Changes

  • Allowed users to save both online and offline journeys for easy access and offline retrieval. Simply tap the floppy disk icon while viewing a trip’s details!
  • Allowed for integration with Google Maps app due to popular demand. If installed, all external (i.e. outside of the app) direction-finding and point-viewing will be forwarded to this app over Apple Maps.
  • Fixed an error where favoriting a route would cause the app to crash. Users can now favorite routes (through the blue detail arrow button (or info button in iOS 7)) as before.
  • Changed the “Near Postcode” stop finder to a “Near Address” stop finder (which allows for postcodes too of course). Also made this feature work once again by updating geocoding APIs.
  • Updated routes and stops to match current state of TFL network.

Major UI Changes

  • Tweaked various aspects of UI to conform to iOS 7 design guidelines.
  • Added accommodations for iPhone 5 screen size.
  • Added retina support for each image in the app.
  • Added some help options (i.e. the “?” icon in the “Alarm” and “Journey” tabs).

Minor (Non-UI) Changes

  • Removed unnecessary GPS requirement to improve device (including iPad) compatibility.
  • Added “directions” button for convenience when viewing a stop’s details (its address, etc).
  • Fixed error in offline journey caching regarding name confusion.
  • Removed non-physical bus stops such as “Hail and Ride” sections.
  • Fixed an error where tapping repeatedly on a detail disclosure button for a stop in a map view (to view its details (e.g. address)) would result in an inconsistent state.

Minor UI Changes

  • Changed the route selection search keyboard to prioritize number entry.
  • “Cancel” labels have been renamed as “Back” labels and are always in the top left corner for consistency.
  • Removed lines connecting between stops in “Display Route” option. These were often found to be inaccurate and not useful.

Once again, I’d like to thank all of my users who patiently left feedback and helped identify bugs. I haven’t had much time over the past year to work on the app, and I’m glad I’ve finally been able to address most concerns. As always, if you encounter any issues with this upcoming release or have any other questions/suggestions, please be sure to e-mail me at

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