Version 2.2.4 Waiting for Review

A new version of LBB will be out soon – hopefully within a week if Apple is fast with its review process! I believe I’ve finally solved the “Display Route” issue mentioned before, although I’m not sure why V2.2.3’s route display was working fine on device before I submitted the app for review.

I’ve also fixed a few bugs related to the table data not being properly loaded, as this was causing a few crashes for one or two users.

A Strange Bug => Version 2.2.3

This is kind of weird. One of the data arrays used by LBB ended up somehow being null in Version 2.2.1. As a result, route displays in V2.2.1 are not working correctly at all; they always show “Abbey Lane” instead of the stops on that route. What makes this bug really strange is that I tested every aspect of the app before submitting it to the App Store yesterday, and route displays were working fine both on device and in the iOS Simulator. However, when I downloaded the new update just a few hours ago, I noticed something was off and submitted a bug fix ASAP.

In Version 2.2.3 (I had to skip a version because of issues with iTunes Connect), I’ve added a safeguard against data files being null. This was never an issue in the past since, on startup, the app would always know when it had to update stop lists and would instantiate everything properly. Once again, I have no idea how this bug could’ve occurred since I didn’t make any changes to the update-handling code. But everything should now be fine with this new check.

I’ve also fixed bugs related to the “Near Me” and “Next Bus” features, where the app would crash instead of displaying alerts when a search/refresh failed on a background thread.

I’ve asked for the Version 2.2.3 update to be expedited by the App Review team since I think this counts as a fairly “critical bug fix.” Let’s see if they allow that.

Version 2.2.1 Coming Out Soon!

This new version of London Bus Buddy includes major bug fixes and a few other minor changes. If you continue to encounter strange crashing issues, please do send me an e-mail me at Hopefully, though, I should find out about these before you do from now on.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the app crashed on startup. I understand that this had to do with the app trying to unregister itself from iCloud backups.
  • Searching for stops should no longer cause any crashes. I’ve gotten rid of the “live search” feature where the search results would update as you typed. This seemed to be causing memory issues and general slowness, so this fix should make the typing experience more pleasant.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Updates to route and stop data
  • Route 246 in the timetable now actually gives timetable information on Route 246 (not Route 264). The timetable website I use had made an oopsie.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Crashlytics has been added to the app. This will let me know where things went wrong in my code, how many people a specific bug affected, etc. I hope this makes bug fixing much easier for me in the future.
  • The existence of favorites has now been made more clear with the addition of an unfilled yellow star. Tap on that unfilled star to favorite a stop/route.
  • Other minor things that improve usability (table data persisting after you look at a stop on a map, additions to the “Near Address” feature to make address lookup more accurate, etc).