A Strange Bug => Version 2.2.3

This is kind of weird. One of the data arrays used by LBB ended up somehow being null in Version 2.2.1. As a result, route displays in V2.2.1 are not working correctly at all; they always show “Abbey Lane” instead of the stops on that route. What makes this bug really strange is that I tested every aspect of the app before submitting it to the App Store yesterday, and route displays were working fine both on device and in the iOS Simulator. However, when I downloaded the new update just a few hours ago, I noticed something was off and submitted a bug fix ASAP.

In Version 2.2.3 (I had to skip a version because of issues with iTunes Connect), I’ve added a safeguard against data files being null. This was never an issue in the past since, on startup, the app would always know when it had to update stop lists and would instantiate everything properly. Once again, I have no idea how this bug could’ve occurred since I didn’t make any changes to the update-handling code. But everything should now be fine with this new check.

I’ve also fixed bugs related to the “Near Me” and “Next Bus” features, where the app would crash instead of displaying alerts when a search/refresh failed on a background thread.

I’ve asked for the Version 2.2.3 update to be expedited by the App Review team since I think this counts as a fairly “critical bug fix.” Let’s see if they allow that.


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