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Please note that London Bus Buddy is no longer available for sale, as of March 27, 2018. This page is mostly left up for reference.

Do you live in London, or are you planning on visiting? Want to travel using the famous “London Bus” network? Have an Apple device with location services?

Then London Bus Buddy is the application for you! With more than 145,000 downloads, this comprehensive iPhone app includes information on all 19,000+ stops that TFL maintains, and also provides some great features including:

  • Countdown (powered by TFL), which allows you to see when your next bus is coming. You can also set an alarm to go off X minutes before your bus arrives.
  • A snooze alarm that will tell you when you’re close to your destination. This feature can work in the background (special configuration is needed for iOS 5 to allow notifications).
  • Journey planning that can find both the quickest path and the path with the fewest changes. There are two versions: an online one powered by TFL (a faster, more accurate planner that allows walking) and offline one (planning between bus stops)
  • The quick and easy ability to locate London Bus stops near you or near an address/postcode.
  • A “display” option that lets you see any London Bus route or stop on a map.
  • Static timetables for all routes, like the printed kind you would find at a bus stop.
  • The option to favorite routes and stops for easy access. Simply tap on the blue arrow (or info button in iOS 7) next to a route/stop!
  • The option to save journeys for easy access and offline retrieval. Simply tap on the “floppy disk” icon!
  • “History” of all the recent stops you’ve been to as well as caching of recent offline journeys you’ve planned (for quick retrieval if you reenter the same stops)
  • Integration with the Maps app on your iPhone (or the Google Maps app if it’s available)
  • And more!

And all of this is FREE! So what are you waiting for? Download it now! And contact lakshbhasindeveloper@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. London Bus Buddy is not-for-profit. Revenue made off advertisements will go to Muskaan – a charity in Bhopal, India that helps teach underprivileged children.

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